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Preparation for a conscious journey

Are you going to start an adventure? A hiking tour to discover more profundity in your life and to get to know other precious sides of your life? Maybe you´ve been thinking about this for a long time. The motives can vary per person. However, in all cases it´s about contemplating on the past, the present and the future.

Such a hiking tour demands a lot from your body and mind. You will gain lots of power and energy, but the journey costs your body a lot too. It is wise to begin collecting the necessary power in advance, long before your journey begins.

LifeAidTM Silicon helps you to do so.

Choose the strength that nature has provided us with

For a trip like this, your body needs extra support. Most people who start such a pilgrim’s trip are not the youngest. The human locomotor system including the bones and cartilage has become less strong.

If you are aware of this you start taking the LifeAidTM hydrolysed silicon from Daught & Hak Corporation a year before you start the hiking tour. This complete natural food supplement for strong bones and smooth joint cartilage was developed scientifically between 1998 and 2004.

LifeAidTM Silicon: earth power becomes body power

Silicon is a mineral that is part of the earth beneath our feet. The mineral is also one of the most important basic elements of the human body. With people over 35 years old, the supply of this mineral inside the body gets used up, just like all the other minerals, vitamins and trace-elements.

But, how does a mineral gain access to our ´physical system´? Due to its manufacturing procedure, besides water, LifeAidTM Silicon also contains extremely small parts that are immediately absorbed by our body. As an essential element, silicon subsequently stimulates the absorption of, for example, calcium and vitamins in bones and other tissue. It´s responsible for – among other things- the formation and strengthening of cartilage- and bone tissue.

It makes sure you can take your journey in a strong physical condition.

LifeAidTM Silicon provides you with vitality!

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